Tuition and Policies

Like an academic education, a musical education is a regular and long-term commitment, as well as an investment and expense. All fees and tuition are prepaid as a flat fee, per student, and non-refundable. The Piano Year is August through July. Rates are subject to change with advanced notice.

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Student Fee|  The annual Student Enrollment Fee is $40 and covers the cost of the first set of method books, and other supplemental materials, used for the Piano Year. This includes materials used for two (2) recitals a year, technique and sight-reading exercises, additional repertoire and theory worksheets. This is a flat fee paid by all students upon enrollment, and annually (by July 1), regardless of which portion of the year enrolled or events attended.

Student Tuition| The Student Tuition is charged as one yearly fee: $792 for weekly, 30-minute lessons; $1,188 for weekly, 45-minute lessons; $1,584 for weekly, 60-minute lessons. I offer 2 payment options for your convenience. 

  1. Flat monthly payments of $66/month (30-min); $99/month (45 min); $132/month (60 min)
  2. Semester payments of $396 (30 min), $594 (45 min), $792 (60 min)

Tuition covers, not only face time with the student during the weekly lesson, but also time spent in preparation for lessons, including individual lesson planning, research and development of teaching materials and curriculum, selecting, locating and purchasing specific music for students, updating parents on student progress and lesson goals, addressing any concerns, or conflicts, that may arise, scheduling and communicating with the student and parent outside of lessons.

 I do offer a 20% discount for families with multiple students. First child is full tuition. Each additional child is 20% discount. I also offer a 20% ministerial discount. You must be an active ordained minister.

 Late Fee |  Tuition is due on the first of every month. Students with unpaid tuition 7 days after the due date will incur a late fee of $25, and risk losing their weekly lesson time unless prior arrangements are made. All invoices are emailed 7 days before the 1st of the month.

Payments are not accepted via the website. They can be made by: cash, check or through my personal PayPal account by clicking below.

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